BuzzX is a patented technology of Utexbel that provides a long-lasting protection against insects (ticks, ants, fleas, chiggers, midges,…) on woven fabrics.

BuzzX® represents a long-awaited breakthrough in the battle against bothersome, biting and potentially life-threatening insects. By providing effective and convenient protection that is bonded onto clothing rather than applied to skin, BuzzX® apparel allows the wearer to experience more enjoyment of the outdoors. BuzzX® is an odourless and colourless long lasting protection.

BuzzX garments can be washed domestically 50 times without losing its protection shield. You can bleach, starch and press without having any effect on the repellent quality.

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  • Insect protective
  • Tested and approved by WHO (World Health Organisation)
  • Lasts up to 50 household-washings
  • No need of reapplication